Alte Ilmenauer Straße 21
98528 Suhl
OT Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig
+49 (0) 36782 7070

Restaurant and café

A fine kitchen begins with raw, sustainable materials. Therefore, we are eager to use fresh, produce made directly in our region.

Meat, vegetables, salad and fruit come all direct from farms in our region.

Herbs collected from the forest or from our very own herb garden.

Venison (deer) hunted from the nearby forests.

Fish from the fresh water of our mountain streams.

Our passion is to prepare exquisite dishes, covered by the gifts of nature.

Following the tradition of fine Thuringian Cuisine, we produce all broths, base sauces, etc. ourselves in the most natural way possible.

We invest a lot of time in homemade bread and cake baked in our stone oven, self-butchered meat and home-pickled ham and self-smoked fish.

This solid fundament is not only carried through our well-known Thuringian Cuisine, but is the basis for the perfect culinary escape to an international kitchen.

Follow the dishes of our culinary calendar and swing with the rhythm of the seasons - sometimes light and elated, sometimes hearty.