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Hiking trail Rennsteig

The Rennsteig is one of Germanys most well-known walking ways and has been expressed by the german walking federation as a top quality walk way.

It begins in a place called “Horschel an der Werra” and leads as “kammweg” eng. “Combway” through the thuringian forest across a distance of 169 km and a total height of 500 – 970 m till Blankenstein an der Saale. If you manage to complete the whole of the Rennsteig Walkway it is tradition to take a pebble from the riverbed of the Werra and to throw it at the end of the hike into the Saale.

The rennsteig is signposted by the typical R with an X through it in blue and a white background. In addition, lies also the Rennsteig bicycle track, which is marked by an "R" and an image of a bicycle. In some areas, alternative routes have been set up for better vantage points and avoiding off-road sections.

We will be happy to organize a Rennsteig walk that involves no hotel change and carrying of luggage along the way.