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Biosphere Reservat Thuringen Forest

The Rennsteig is undoubtedly the magnet of our region. Landscape is often However, the picturesque side valleys, such as the core zone of the Vessertals or the valley of Near and Heimig, in which forge field and our hotel are located, are more appealing.

The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve " Thuringian Forest" is the oldest in Germany and covers an area of 17,000 hectares. Wild romantic brooks and mountain meadows in full splendor make it a special experience. So it is not surprising that it was chosen 2007 to the most beautiful valley of Central Germany. Through the reserve organization the yearly lead excursions for plant and animal watching are always on offer. Especially popular is the wild animal watching in the dimming of the sunset which takes place just outside of our house. The exhibition “Lively stillness-naturally” at the biosphere reserve “Biosphärenreservats” information centre is highly recommended

Since 2015 we are proud partners of the biosphere reserve.