Alte Ilmenauer Straße 21
98528 Suhl
OT Schmiedefeld am Rennsteig
+49 (0) 36782 7070


Thüringen with its closed ridges and changing landscape is traditionally a XC\Langlauf skiing region. Schmiedefeld is situated 640-944 meters above sea level (our hotel 717). In winter you will expect to see a good amount of snow that create great conditions for all types of winter sport.

There are several possibilities, in terms of renting a pair of skis: For example ski courses for cross country skiing, alpine skiing or Snowboarding are available.

Just outside of our doorstep you can jump on our ski loops?

Also evening torch hikes through the snowy forest with its enchanted ice crystals and snow formations are very popular.

In the Winterworld Schmiedefeld you will expect to see the longest ski lift.

A magic carpet for the small

Floodlit grounds are provided in the evening hours to provide pure ski fun.

Sledging can be done on the downhill slope and on Saturdays also at nighttime with bratwurst and glühwein available complemented by good music.

A must for all Sportsfans is to visit one of the many winter events and the facilities that lie in the little town of Oberhof, for example: the Biathlon world cup stadium, the ski jump, bob sleigh and of course the ski tunnel. Even as non-bobsleighers you can try out

Up to date snow conditions can be found using the snow line on 0800 - 72 36 488 or online